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E-Commerce Integration


KIS currently integrates with the following E-commerce and cloud based platforms:






We are continually developing integration for e-commerce platforms.

If you would like to request further information on e-commerce integration please fill in the below form:

Chain Of Responsibility (CoR)

 On 1 October 2018, the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) will be amended to provide that every party in the heavy vehicle transport supply chain has a duty to ensure the safety of their transport activities.

Click here to view some helpful YouTube videos

Helpful websites:  https://www.nhvr.gov.au/safety-accreditation-compliance/chain-of-responsibility/changes-to-cor

Key Changes to CoR: https://www.ntc.gov.au/heavy-vehicles/rules-compliance/load-restraint-guide/

To obtain a copy of the “Load Restraint Guide”, click here