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Please find individual help sheets below:

Freight Calculator

Generating a Quote

Accepting a Quote

Creating a Consignment

Booking a Consignment and Generating Manifests

Creating a Third Party Booking

Confirming a Booking

Rebooking a Collection

Modify Consignment

Cancel a Consignment

Adding Dangerous Goods (please ensure that a copy of the MSDS and Dangerous Good Declaration Form is available on collection of all DG consignments)

Customer Service

Viewing Invoices

Trouble Shooting

Items Unacceptable for Insurance


Please  click here to view the most current training manual.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Customer Care on 1300 929 669

Due to updates in the Chain of Responsibility, the booking of Dangerous Goods will be limited to customers that have completed all relevant documentation specific to the selected carrier and requested the service to be activated on their account .

Please click here if you would like to activate DG’s on your account.