How to Determine Charge Weight

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Carriers have to find a happy medium between the size of an item and the weight of an item, this is called the Cubic Conversion Factor.  For instance you may send a box that is 100 x  100 x 100cm (large) that weighs 5kg, although your box only weighs 5kg, it takes up a large [...]

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Tips for Christmas Deliveries

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In the lead up to Christmas freight companies throughout Australia see an increase of freight through their depots, of up to 60%, the resources (drivers, trucks etc) available at this time increases only slightly and congestion on the roads increases; all of which can lead to longer lead times, more damaged freight and more lost [...]

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Credit Card Surcharge Reduction

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As of April 1st we have managed to negotiate a reduction on the Visa and MasterCard credit card surcharge, this has been reduced from 2.2% to 1.4%   The team at KIS are constantly reviewing and negotiating on behalf of our customers to reduce your total transport expenditure, whether this be freight rates or surcharges.

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Movement for Mia

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At KIS we pride ourselves on being able to find solutions to even the most challenging issues when it comes to freight management. However, we cannot do it without a team of support behind us, and the tools to enable us to find these solutions. We rely heavily on our software platform, brilliant team of [...]

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Adapt or Perish: Survival of the Smartest.

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  Business and the landscape in which it exists is constantly changing, evolving and adapting to the needs and wants of the consumer. It’s an unfortunate truth, but many businesses who aren’t able to respond to the market and pivot as required find themselves going the way of the Dodo and vanishing into oblivion. Even [...]

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We have a winner!!!

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KIS would like to congratulate Jordan Devlin on winning the 2x Gold Class Movie Tickets, for participating in our Customer Feedback Survey! Thank you to everyone that contributed, all feedback is appreciated and will be taken on board to implement suggested improvements.

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Outsourcing – The New Online Trend

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When I started in transport 25 years ago, I had no idea how far the industry would develop and what trends would become fashionable. Microsoft had just brought out a program for the PC called Windows for workgroups (WOW) and the only mobile phone you got was a built-in car phone that only the super-rich [...]

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Charity Events

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This year KIS Group of Companies is dedicated to participating in multiple charitable events.  In the past we have participated in; wear pink for "Breast Cancer Awareness", Child safety handbook campaign for "Queensland Police Legacy" and wear your PJs to work for "The Pyjama Foundation". What is on the cards for 2018? Every Monday the KIS team [...]

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Happy New Year!!!

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2018 promises to be another exciting year at KIS Group of Companies.  With our new office in Melbourne in full swing, we now have a substantial national foot print. With offices in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, KIS Group of Companies is committed to maintaining its 5* Customer Care level and we believe that [...]

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